Who We Are

TTI is a team of professionals focused on earning the title of "Best" in all we do. Founded in 1993 from humble beginnings we started only servicing the telecommunications industry. As we grew we expanded to servicing government agencies in Federal, State, and local markets.



Value creation through supplier aggregation.



Unleashing the potential of a dynamic workforce.



Integrity, Accountability, Flexibility, and Respect are all central values at TTI and are maintained in all of our relationships.

Our Unique Value Offering

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Field Services

We deploy and manage a trained workforce that will help you accomplish your required task at high quality standards.

Supplier Aggregation

We source suppliers and act as a single point of contact for our customers. TTI reduces your sourcing costs by leveraging economies of scale while streamlining supplier onboarding and management.


We source a workforce for your task and provide you with the benefit of working directly and having extra control over the staff, while we handle the administrative tasks such as staffing and payroll.

Data & Analytics

We use our own proprietary data and analytics software “FieldVision™” that provides us with real time updates of what is happening on the job site.

About TTI

For over 20 years TTI has been a leader in field services, vendor management, and information technology focusing on providing platform management services to its partners and clients. The team of expert TTI staff work with skilled service men and women to support all major companies as they grow and develop in a continuously changing digital field. The company focuses on providing unique and innovative solutions for network expansion, equipment deployment and facilities maintenance by leveraging creative ways to increase capacity through efficient and low-cost project management.

We offer a strategic and cost effective way of managing and exploring growth opportunities within the digital service industry. Our company’s flexibility, customer service, and low-cost resource solutions are key values that TTI offers its customers as we continue to explore more innovative and progressive ways using the most efficient technology.



TTI is committed to serving our partners and customers in a responsible way that minimizes any potential for negative environmental impact through innovation, digital operation and management. We seek to continuously raise awareness to our employees, suppliers, and partners for the most sustainable initiatives available to us.