About TTI

For over 20 years TTI has been a leading service provider in field services, vendor sourcing and platform management to private industry and public sector organizations.



Field Services

We deploy and manage a trained workforce that will help you accomplish your required task at high quality standards.

Supplier Aggregation

We source suppliers and act as a single point of contact for our customers. TTI reduces your sourcing costs by leveraging economies of scale while streamlining supplier onboarding and management.


We source a workforce for your task and provide you with the benefit of working directly and having extra control over the staff, while we handle the administrative tasks such as staffing and payroll.


After 25 years and surviving the Dot-Com bust and the Great Recession, we've proven that we are here to stay. Our strategy is ever evolving but our core focus has remained the same. We provide stellar service and are relentless in our pursuit of exceeding customer expectations.


Founded by Frank Tucker

Contract Labor and central office installation


Dotcom Bust

Expansion to structured cabling and public sector contracts


Great Recession

Pivoted into wireless


Supplier Aggregation

Rapid deployment and scalability through supplier aggregation


20 Years as Industry Leader

Expanding, evolving, but never losing sight of our core focus – impeccable quality.


Conchita Tucker


As the President of TTI, Conchita Tucker is responsible for the development and implementation of strategic goals and initiatives. Conchita has held prior roles at Sony Music (International Marketing), Arenberg & Associates Gold Hedge Fund and held public office as a Board Member of the Alameda County Board of Education. After receiving her MBA from Harvard Business School in 2011, Conchita assumed the role of President from TTI founder Frank Tucker. She holds a B.S. in Marketing from St. John’s University.


Reach & Deployment

We can Confidently say that we Have Worked in and are able to deploy workers in Every State.